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Green Mindset


We use patterning software to optimize the cutting of our cabinet parts to reduce the amount of plywood waste. We utilize specialized equipment in our finishing process aimed at reducing the amount of finish material wasted.

Through partnering with our materials suppliers, we reuse much of the material used to package the inbound receipt of our products.

We collect, bale, and recycle our cardboard. We collect wood waste and give it to a large greenhouse operation where it is converted to energy for heating their buildings. We collect and save sawdust and give it to a local farmer for animal bedding. We recycle cleaning materials used in our finishing process. 

Reducing Our Impact with Earth-Conscious Materials


Our plywood materials are manufactured using only formaldehyde-free glues and resins. They are compliant with California Air Resource Board Phase I & II, as well as EPA TSCA Title VI.

Our pre-finished cabinet interiors are 100% free of formaldehyde gases, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resulting from a roll coated application and a UV curing process.

Our drawer boxes use a highly durable water-based finish. No formaldehyde, no hazardous air pollutants, and no volatile organic compounds are produced.

Our exterior cabinet finishes are the result of a conversion varnish process which yields a highly durable, long-lasting finish. We monitor and maintain HAPs and VOCs below regulated levels, ensuring minimal impact to our environment.



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